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From The Nosebleeds: A Short Story Collection

Andrew J Brandt
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In this wide-ranging collection of short stories and novellas, Andrew J Brandt flexes his creative muscles and entrances readers with tales of terror and imagination. From the sheer terror of "Dark Thirty" to the whimsy of "All Things All At Once", Brandt continues to evoke a wide range of emotions with his prose.

Abounding in page-turning delights and frights, From the Nosebleeds is a rich collection that illustrates the true breadth of Brandt's storytelling prowess and proves once again why he is called "a master of the art."


"Andrew J Brandt has a wonderfully devilish mind. The plot and story are a bit unsettling, but it also makes for a great read." - W. Holden, review for "Dark Thirty"

"An interesting callback of 80s slasher movies." - Anna Kay, review for "Frightland"

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